by Pineapple Hill

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How smart are you? Did you go to school where the blue bloods do? Are you feeling high when the people pass you by? Are you that kind of guy? Are lighting up a smoke, hiding that you're broke? Just waiting for you to choke. It's clear how hard you try, pretend you never cry. I think I know why. I'm not part of the royal show. I won't just turn around and run. It may take a couple of drinks, but I'm sure I'll have some fun. You might put on a convincing face, but you're my kind of scum. How much you had to drink? Does the liquor make you think? Or does it help you to sink? Do you think it’s okay to pretend you want to stay when you’d kill to run away? Does St. Peter know what’s above and down below? Only one way to show. Twisted as a snake. What is it that makes you shake? Are you some kind of fake? You say you’re part of the royal show. Prove you won’t turn around and run. You should have a couple of drinks, and I’m sure you’ll have some fun. You think you put on a convincing face, but I’m your kind of scum.
I know where you’ve been I know your deepest, darkest, mortal sins I know the losers that you’ve fucked And I know that you are out of luck. You can’t smile in reminiscence There’s no getting back your innocence You’re living your life full of lies I think it’s time for you to realize We’re back. Back to the future, we’re back. Back to the future, let’s go! I know you’re stuck in your old ways I know you hate yourself, you don’t sleep for days I’ve seen the present and the past And I see the future in which you don’t last I always smile in reminiscence Still have the good parts of my innocence I never sleep with crying eyes It took some time but I have realized We’re back. Back to the future, we’re back. Back to the future, let’s go!
You’ve known that it’s wrong to just keep muddling along There’s no room for failure to stay strong. Unprincipled peace masks a supremacist beast Whose decay will spread upon its release. What do I really know? What do I have to show? How far can these excuses go? To fight this corrosion at the cost of full self-implosion Paves the way for ideals to face expulsion. So loyal and honest and active and upright So tell me what’s causing you this fright? Pour out the bottle, load up your gun. We can’t let up until we’ve won. We can’t conceal, what has been revealed. For the first time, I know that it’s for real. If you want to throttle that Philistine bottle, You’ve got no time left to dawdle. Grab hold of that gun, your unifying weapon, This struggle is an ideological one. To insist on a 12th type because your own mind isn’t ripe, Is to dive head first down the drain pipe. That pride is a fake, now for humanity’s sake Don’t speak before you investigate. So loyal and honest and active and upright So tell me what’s causing you this fright? Pour out the bottle, load up your gun. We can’t let up until we’ve won. We can’t conceal, what has been revealed. I think this whole time, I've known that it's for real.
Convictionless cretins, they’ll believe anything. No rhyme and no reason, they’ll buy into what’s pleasing. To their conditioned brains they’re left confused to act in vein. They bring Mr. Gold joy as he plays with them like children’s toys. You say a high horse I ride, but you’d know if you looked inside. Our threads of existence are carefully sewn through persistence. But the threat this ruck brings could wreck it all with one sting. Though it won’t ruin me, it’s for my fellows that I give this plea. Nihilism won’t do, this unfolding is bigger than you. Our cynical minds can’t block idealist toxins this time. The falsehood is so ingrained, but there’s only empty blame. No change in the air could save us from the trip to this grave. It seems feeling oppressed, has become a trend among the rest. The shape they’re in isn’t bad, yet they long for what they once had. They see folks who once struggled catch up and that makes them troubled. It’s not their own rise, they seek, but in fact it’s the others’ demise. I once played their game, thinking I wouldn’t be the same. My naivety died when paradox manifested and thrived. The stormcloaks of sin pressed onward until they did win. Our ideals may have devolved, but we know how this riddle is solved.
It's a simple solution, it's in front of our faces It's just a matter of stopping being so damn complacent. It's better for you and it's better for me. And even better for the folks who got it worst, don't you see. And I know that you're scared, But you're just unaware Our collectivist goal will help folks everywhere Except for the ones keeping poor people down There's a different plan for them, but I'll say it again: Though on paper it's simple, it don't come without struggle. The pale faced artist won't be leading the hustle. Can I count on you to understand what to do? We sit back and observe and then we act on what we’ve learned. And even when there's a lot we understand It's far from our place to be the first to stand But we have a role and our weight we will pulled​. No point of unity without principle. The book of lies we were raised to believe Keeps the cycle spinning on power and greed. The liberal fools who think ideas are equal Are in the way of giving real power to the people. When conditions are set, it’ll be time to act It’s been done before well, as a matter of fact. How much more will the planet revolve ‘Til we see that the riddle of history is solved? These institutions we subscribe to so blindly Are really just ingrained into our brains, so I'll remind you. If we want to achieve liberation, We're gonna have to destroy the colonialist nations. But take deep breath because it's much more in depth. Be mindful of theory then act step by step. If you are able please come join the fight. Rudies of the world unite!
I'm alive in a world of perpetual fear, but I'm not afraid. I'm alive. I'm alive and not afraid. One day I realized How much I closed my eyes To the things I did not want to see. I’m not here for forgiveness I won’t be excused for my sins But I’ve got some catching up to do. I'm alive in a world of perpetual fear, but I'm not afraid. I'm alive. I'm alive and not afraid. I’ve got energy in excess But I am a bit reckless I will learn and follow your lead. Take me ‘til I’m useless I can take the abuses Revolutionary suicide. I'm alive in a world of perpetual fear, but I'm not afraid. I'm alive. I'm alive and not afraid. These conditions were never opposed to my old endeavors. But I’m self-serving no longer. I will help to make you stronger. I am here to listen to you, together we will see this through I’m by your side in this fight. One day we will make it right. You’re alive in a world that tries to kill you, you should be afraid. But you’re alive. You’re alive and not afraid. We’re alive in a world that’s stacked against us, but we’re not afraid. We’re alive. We’re alive and not afraid. We’re alive in a world of perpetual fear, but we’re not afraid. We’re alive. We’re alive and not afraid.
The boiling water's rising, but you're trapped inside of your unreadable maps that lead you nowhere no matter what you try and it's at the point that you'd rather die But death won't cure it, it'll only delay the frustration to a later day When it gets worse, all that will remain are broken fragments of your brain And you can only hide it for so long before everyone knows that something's wrong Then it is too late to save your face and there's no way for you to replace The missing pieces of your heart without a complete and total restart of your life but at this point it's too late so just sit back; don't hesitate To give in to living a life where you don't have to See these things or feel these strings. You can go and be free Take in the injection so you feel the infection The drowning's an illusion of a fail-safe solution Your peace is almost here but I want to make it clear If you ever turn your back you'll be stopped dead in your tracks. So long as you keep going it will keep you from ever knowing The anger and the sadness, the frustration and the madness It all will go away, it will all be there to stay Leave this burden that is huge outside the chemical refuge. The sickness finally joins where you thought you were safe. Don’t you know, you’re forever a slave? It doesn't have to be all that bad you can rebuild the life you had. Some things are different, some forever the same. You got your circles, you got your name. And don't forget it, or the lessons you learned sooner or later, it'll be your turn. You thought assistance was a crutch, it turns out you didn't know that much. Help yourself, help your fellows too, trust that they'd do the same for you. It's not a burden, it's a step ahead. Leave your fear before it leaves you dead. There's no wood beam, there's just the glass you see through that shows it’s time at last. Do you know you're not alone? Your family is here with you. But it's time for them to go. You’ll do this on your own.


SKAMERICANA is waking up and smelling the shit. But this time you don't keel over or throw a fit.
You put dirt in your cuts, and put ice on your head. Then you take it all on until you drop dead.
It ain't some sorta fantasy tale, it's a contradiction on the most massive of scales.
Not good against evil, right against wrong. But self care against service, Revolution against song.
There's fury and there's adoration. There's smashing a state and rebuilding a nation.
It don't end here, in fact it's barely begun. SKAMERICANA will be here ‘til the people have won.

Chip thanks Ali, Frank, Jake, Molly, and even you, Kribs. You all made this a dream come true. Thanks for this. Mom and Dad, our biggest fans. Max for jamming Green Day songs with me. Scott for always being behind and helping out with the band. Both of my guitar teachers, Dan and Dan. Doctor Ball, who opened my eyes to jazz and Hicks for showing us all how jazz is done. Doctor Rose, for teaching me the tools to develop my ideas. Dilan at TapWater for recording us. Huber and Breese Music for being the best music store in the world. All of my friends and comrades. Finally, I thank the Laureate, Mr. Bob Dylan, for everything. I hope you forgive me one day.

Jacob thanks Pineapple Hill for letting him play in the band without having any real talent.

Ali Baby would like to thank Z. D. Crim for life, love, happiness, and all good things in the world.

Molly thanks Pineapple Fucking Hill. That's it.

Frank the Tank Says Thanks To: My parents Rocco and Phyllis Ciccone, my wonderful (and patient) sister Rebecca Ciccone, everyone in the band (shoutout to Nicole Lilienfeld for putting up with our practices), my entire family and my dance and music teachers throughout the years including Joshua James and Paul Finazzo, as well as all my friends Kaylah Berndt, Eva Berndt, John Campbell, Andrea Clayton, Tia Dalley, Tish DeLano, Greg and Patrick Eldridge, Justin & Laura Elwood, Louis Foltz, Nathan Gramlich, Nick Gretkierewicz, Sabrina Gretkierewicz, Spencer Groeschen, Kelsea Horne, Shane Irmen, Chris Kovolesky, Cody Kulaszewski, Jon Kuntze, Nick Kuntze, Garrett & Victoria Lang, Kirk Noland, Steve Poniewierski, Eric Posa, Dan Radlick, Sarah Randles, Kyle Retheford, Sean Riordan, Jason Roche, Ryan & Sarah Salich, Josh & Caroline Sawicki, Erica Lynn Smith, Davida Stayer, Shane Ward, Zack Webb, Adam & Chelsea Winbigler, and Paige Zmudczynski. I’m more grateful for each and every one of you than I could ever express all at once. You’ve all touched my life profoundly and I hope that if I haven’t returned the favor yet, I will. Thank you all for keeping music alive in my life and supporting me even when I feel like I don’t deserve it. You’ve been a loyal bunch so stick around a while longer, won’t you?


released October 13, 2017

Recorded live and mixed by Dilan Wade at Tapwater Productions in Detroit, MI.

Album artwork by Alexander Ulewicz.

Ali Lynne - vocals
Frank - bass
Jake - piano and organ
Chip Jengel - guitar and harmonica
Molly - drums

All music by Pineapple Hill, except "Salute Your Solution", by Jack White III and Brendan Benson.
All lyrics by Chip Jengel, except "Salute Your Solution", by Jack White III and Brendand Benson, and "My Kind of Scum" and "Back to the Future", by Chip Jengel and Ali Lynne.


all rights reserved



Pineapple Hill Detroit, Michigan

Pineapple Hill is a roots rock steady band from Detroit.
Chafee 2 Dope doots the sax
The Dootz blows the trumpet
Frank slaps the bass
Jake tickles the keys
Chip Jengel plucks the guitar and blows the harp
Molly bangs the drums
Rae Van skats and sings
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